Sunset Very Strong Rum

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Brand: st vincent distillers
ABV: 84.50%
Country: barbados
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Sunset Very Strong Rum description:

Sunset Rums are crafted by St Vincent Distillers Ltd. During the early 1900’s a distillery was built on the foothills of the La Soufriere Volcano in St Vincent to make use of the abundant molasses. The distillery continued producing great rums until the production of the island switched from sugar cane to bananas. At that time during the 1960’s molasses then had to be imported. In 1996 the distillery and rum brands were sold by the government to C.K. Greaves and Co Ltd. Sunset Rums now operate out of a state of the art distillery in St Vincent. The distillery now crafts a rich range of rums with Sunset Very Strong Rum being the most popular on the island. Sunset Rums are unique in that they are the sum of the parts that makes up such a great rum brand. It’s rums are truly great tasting and the product speaks for itself. The rum is full of provenance, and most of all the brand is real.

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