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ABV: 44.00%
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Rhum Clément was founded by Homère Clément in 1887 in Le Francois in lowland Martinique, a small Caribbean island which has a unique terroir and the perfect tropical climate and humidity for growing sugarcane and producing rhum.

Homère was the mayor of La Francois and purchased the prestigious sugar plantation in his village, Domaine de l’Acajou, out of bankruptcy. His intentions were simply to stop the rioting planter’s and have them return to the fields to harvest sugarcane again, not to be refined into sugar, but to be pressed for their natural juice and to distil rum.

He took this imaginative idea from the brandy producers of southern France who were distilling grape wine into Cognacs. Homère is now coined as the “father of the Rhum Agricole”. Martinique is the only French Caribbean Island to have an AOC appellation, which they received in 1996. 

With more than 125 years of tradition, Rhum Clément is the no.1 selling Rhum Agricole, produced in Le François; producing rums with great elegance.

Tasting Notes: A woody bouquet of star anise greets the  nose before heavier aromas of mild and sweet pipe tobacco smoke, charred wood and fresh oak. On the palate you will also find more subtle aromas of butter and vanilla.

This vintage 1970 Clement is a rare rum reserved for moments that are just as important. To fully enjoy all its complexity, it should taste this digestive Vintage in a tulip glass.

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