Clément Tournaire 1966 Very Limited Release

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ABV: 40.00%
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Founded in 1887 by Homère Clément, Rhum Clément  is a treasure of Martinique. With its resilient French identity, enriched by its Caribbean culture, Rhum Clément  is one of the most popular Rhum Agricole brands worldwide.

Reserved and treasured for decades in the “paradise” of Habitation Clément in Martinique, the 1966 vintage is a rum of extreme rarity.

This exceptional vintage reflects the extraordinary expertise of Rhum Clément in aging spirits and is itself a brand jewel, which will enchant the finest connoisseurs and collectors.

This rare and precious nectar of brown mahogany was bottled at the peak of its rest in 1991.

The nose is extremely expressive and potent, with notes both warm and indulgent. Chocolate, gingerbread, and mocha aromas interweave with light notes of vanilla spices and candied fruit (figs, date, and orange). After aeration emerge subtle notes of cigar.

Powerful and voluptuous, the perceived aromas on the nose are even more indulgent on the palate. The profile of Clément vintage 1966 is both earthy and round, distinguished by a light note of licorice.

At last, the intensity and power of the aromas are confirmed by the palate, with a delectable sweetness which lingers for an astute and long finish.

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