Rhum Clément Creole Shrubb

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ABV: 40.00%
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Rhum Clément was founded by Homere Clément in 1887 in Martinique, a small Caribbean island which has a unique terrior and the perfect tropical climate and humidity for producing rhum. It is the only French Caribbean island to have an AOC appellation, which they recieved in 1996. With more than 125 years of tradition, Rhum Clément is the no.1 selling Rhum Agricole, produced in Le Francois, lowland Martinique producing rhums with great elegance. 

Tasting Notes: A superb blend of the finest white and aged agricole rhums, married with macerated créole spices and sun-bleached bitter orange peels. Créole shrubb bursts with luscious aromas and flavors reminiscent of Martinique.

A staple of Caribbean culture, créole shrubb is the “secret ingredient” frequently used by celebrity chefs and creative mixologists around the world. 

Awards: International Review of Spirits Award - Gold
Wine Enthusiast 90-95 Points

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