Bacardi Elixir Rum Liqueur

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Brand: bacardi sa
ABV: 20.00%
Country: puerto rico
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In 1862, Facundo Bacardi bought an old, tin-roofed distillery near the Santiago de Cuba harbour. There he created the spirit that would define the world’s standard for quality rum, smoother and more drinkable than any before. Today, his original recipe continues to be a family secret. Fortunately, it’s been passed down through six generations of master blenders. It’s been almost 150 years since Don Facundo Bacardi , a native of Sitges and Cuban heart, finally give the formula of the drink he wanted. The year was 1862 and from that date forward his name would be associated with Cuba, the Caribbean, friends, rum. Bacardi Elixir was conceived as a soft, sweet drink, but should convey the flavor of the intense, distilled from sugar cane and toasty, a special drink only worthy of the most special moments, with the most special people. So it has come down to us authentic recipe and has been reinterpreted for the twenty-first century, when, after all, still have friends come.

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