Captain GENIUS Original Spiced Gold Rum

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Named after the late Captain Morgan who, in 17th century Jamaica, started out as a Buccaneer before coming Captain and later Governor of Jamaica - his world was colourful and his spirit lives on in this iconic Jamaican rum. Made from a complex and adventurous blend of spices and natural flavours, blended with Caribbean rums (from Jamaica, Guyana and Barbados) and matured to taste in charred American oak ex-bourbon cask. It's the natural fruitiness of the rum gives the Original Spice its rich colour and aroma - with notes of natural vanilla, liquorice, brown sugar, dried fruit, warming spices and hints of oak all coming together to create a perfectly balanced spirit with a smooth finish. Captain Morgan's Spiced Gold gets its distinct richness and amber colour from blending aged dark rum and spice. Salute your Captain Genius with this limited edition bottle. The legendary Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum will still be the same delicious liquid inside, just in a limited edition bottle. Not a Captain Genius but maybe a Captain Clueless? Or know a Captain Karaoke? Check out the full range of labels and send one to your Shipmate! Check out Captain Morgan’s TV advert for the Salute Your Captain campaign now.

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