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Lord Nelson's Spiced Rum, 50 cl

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Brand: Lord Nelson's
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Lord Nelson's Spiced Rum, 50 cl description:

Lord Nelson's Spiced Rum Liqueur (20% alcohol) is a tribute to this great naval hero. Demerara rum from the Caribbean,where Nelson spent many years of service, is combined with caramel and spices to produce a luxuriously smooth flavour. Savour after dinner or enjoy splashed over ice for a refreshing aperitif. Even during his own lifetime HORATIO NELSON gained an unassailable reputation as the finest sea officer of his age. He was a hero in every sense of the word. The quality of his leadership and his outstanding bravery were never more in evidence than during the Battle of Trafalgar, when eighteen enemy ships were destroyed or captured and the British fleet lost none. When news of the victory at Trafalgar and Nelson's untimely death reached England, men turned pale as if they had learned of the death of a close friend. It is typical of the man that his last words were: "Thank God I have done my duty".

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