William Hinton Maderira Gold Rum, 70 cl

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Brand: William Hinton
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ABV: 42.00%
Country: Portugal
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William Hinton Maderira Gold Rum, 70 cl description:

William Hinton Maderira Gold Rum carefully aged in French oak barrels, it was blended with a 25-year-old rum and the latter was further subjected to a new ageing process for another 3 years. Finally, the product resulting from this unique combination of rums of different ages was subjected to a final stage lasting 9 months in madeira wine hulls. Rum with some notes of ageing, less herbaceous and floral and with more fruity notes. This rum has benefitted from nine months of oak ageing, which has imparted a light straw-like colouring to it. The nose is less overpowering than the white version and has a little more sweetness to it, reminiscent of an amontillado sherry. There is a touch of light vanilla on the nose, too. The light ageing has tamed the rum and removed some of the rougher and overpowering floral notes, making this far more approachable. The oak is noticeable in the background and this is a touch sweeter, too.

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