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24 Days of Rum Advent Calendar

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Brand: 1423 World Class
P&P: Free Delivery
ABV: 43.00%
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24 Days of Rum Advent Calendar description:

Be surprised every day for 24 days and discover a new rum on each day of advent! This high-quality advent calendar is packed with 24 x 20ml miniature bottles of rum. The pretty gold and black calendar is the perfect present for any rum lover and of course it is also the best present for yourself if you are a rum enthusiast! A beautiful and exciting advent calendar for 2017. In this advent calendar, you will find rums from different countries, brands and aging times Behind every black little door with a golden number hides a different rum. From white to aged for a long time, from the Caribbean to South America, you will find something new and special. You will be able to try rums from brands you have never tasted before, like this the calendar is full of different rum characters and aromas. Look forward to enjoying a new rum every evening in advent! Included in the calendar is a nosing glass so you can perfectly enjoy each rum! The 24 Days of Rum calendar is the perfect gift to yourself, to your best friend and to everyone who likes rum. Also as a pro tip: If you decide to give this calendar to someone, you won't have to care about a present on Christmas anymore, goodbye stressful present hunting!

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