Malibu Caribbean White Rum with Coconut Flavour

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Brand/Distributor: Produced and bottled by: Chivas Brothers Limited Kilmalid G82 2SS Scotland.
ABV: 21.00%
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Malibu Caribbean White Rum with Coconut Flavour description:

Malibu Original White Rum with Coconut is perfect for when the sun's setting and the good times are flowing. Thanks to its smooth, fresh taste, that sun-kissed island feeling is only a sip away. Malibu rum has a full, rounded lightly toasted coconut aroma and a creamy coconut taste with vanilla custard notes. The body is delicate with a soft warming rum taste and a lasting silky finish. Perfectly versatile and refreshing, Malibu Rum is perfect in cocktails like the classic Piña Colada or mixed simply with pineapple or cola.

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