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Balla Rum 70cl

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Brand: Bottled by:The Cockspur Rum Company,England,WA3 6PH.
ABV: 40.00%
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Balla Rum 70cl description:

Balla Black Rum A blend of rum, spices and other natural flavours The Dark Rum with an even darker side. A voodoo world of intrigue, mystique and magic awaits. A sensational concoction of charred molasses, infusions of local Caribbean spices with a touch of heat for a mysteriously intriguing experience. Release your spirit within, enter the darkness. By day…Said to be the God of tricks and deception Ballas spirit is captured in this dark rum creation. The story goes that his spirit was captured in the first batch of Balla and has since been present in every bottle. Infused with the liquid he now lies in wait, longing for release. The allure of his face draws victims closer which by day appears kind… By night…But by night his hidden secrets appear. As the rum starts to pour under UV light the darkside of Balla is revealed and demon within is unleashed on its victims.

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