Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What does Lakaz Rom mean?
In Mauritian Creole, Lakaz means house and rom means uh... rum.

Why a rum only site?
We love rum and one of us is a geek, who thinks he is an entrepreneur or using his cringe-worthy term "Rumtrepreneur".

Why UK only?
Technically there are rums that are sold outside the UK via Amazon. We are only focusing on the UK for now, but France is the next country that we have in our pipeline.

How often is the site updated?
Our platform is scheduled to get updated prices daily.

Who owns this site?
We own the site, as we have built all the various engines that allow us to provide you with the search and comparison functionalities.

We are a new brand, can we be added to your catalogue?
At the moment you can only be added if you are already listed on one of the sites that we index. We do offer a paid service to include you in our database. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Why do pages like "Discounted Rum of the Day" not update every day?
The page will update if the prices and/or shipping cost have been updated. At the moment we are only showing the top 30 in our database.

How come we see the same bottle numerous times?
This is a search and comparison site, you will normally get the same rum from one or more sites that we currently index.

Do you sell rums?
No, the site we link sells the rums.

What are the sites that you have prices for?
Our rum catalogue consists of listings from these sites:

The description or price is not correct?
Please contact us via our contact page, or via our social media page on Twitter or Facebook.

How are the retailers chosen?
This is based on feedback and our personal research. More online shops will be added in the future.

Do the prices include delivery?
No, but we will give a guide where possible. At the moment only results from Amazon shows the shipping cost.

How do you make money?
Via affiliate links and partnership with brands and retailers.

Can I get my site included?
Please contact us via our contact page and we can discuss this further.

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